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  • Summer Spinach Salad
  • Lemon-Spinach Risotto & Scallops
  • Dining Room
  • Eccoti Burger
  • Pesto & Stracciatella

southern european cuisine

Eccoti (pronounced Echo-Tee) Restaurant was established in February of 2016. While the name literally means "here you are" in Italian, it can be interpreted many different ways. The staff of Eccoti hopes to be able to offer every patron something different, in hopes of saying "here you are, enjoy."  We consider ourselves Southern-European, but not in they way one may think. Our cuisine is a hybrid. A combination of traditional Southern classics such as our Crab Dip, Pork Chops, and our freshly pressed Angus burgers; and European dishes such as our Caprese Bruschetta, Eccoti Linguine, and Chicken Francaise. Please allow ample time when dining in or ordering take-out, as our kitchen is small and all of our dishes are made to order and with care.  Please join us for lunch and dinner.